Great brands have the power to shape the world.

Great brands have the power to shape the world.

Beauty Emporium brings to the world the formidable strength and resileince of this mother daughter team who never forget where they come from and always strive toward their goals.
Our Mission


Our Vision

BE known as a BRAND that Shapes the World

Our Values


Our staff comes from many different disciplines

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson

for People of Colour

We source, test and sell the best beauty products on the market for People of Colour.
With Us you know you are getting the best for YOUR skin and hair!
Online Shopping
Virtual and Physical Training


Affordable Qualifications for STYLETREPRENEURS.
Consulting Services to brands and businesses
Training & Development

The BE Academy is designed to offer training in a modular format to develop & build professionals in the beauty sector newcomers to the industry. BE Academy are committed to providing access to certified accreditations at affordable RSP’s.

Modular Training

BE Academy has a blended approach facilitated through online & physical training.
Our Trainer is a SETA accredited assessor.
Facilitation includes Assessments/Theory Examinations/Case Studies/ Technical Training.

Enterprise Development

All courses offer an entrepreneurial component with services from the Asger Group to help businesses with their paperwork and assistance with applications for funding.

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